1. Do you provide both private label and contract manufacturing?

Yes, we were one of the first dietary supplement manufacturers to become Certified Organic by the NOP (National Organic Program) in 2006. We have excellent experience sourcing, segregating and manufacturing organic ingredients.  We can use certified organic products for contract manufacturing of multi vitamins. 

2. What are your specialties?

We have been manufacturing vitamins and supplements since 1925.  We specialize in premium, organic and more complex formulas but do also provide the standard basics which also meet and/or exceed regulatory standards set by the FDA. We also contract manufacture pharmaceuticals and controlled substances.

3. What are your R&D capabilities?

Several of our formulators have 30+ years experience in the development of vitamins and supplements. They can assist in creating a formula or improving upon a current product.

4. What are your minimums?

Minimums for our private label stock items are very low, as little as 6 bottles per SKU in our label. The minimum for contract manufacturing depends on the formula and packaging but generally start at 250,000 for capsules/tablets or 1000 kilos for powders.

5. Are you third party certified?

Yes, we have third party certifications by the NPA and UL and QAI.

6. Are you Certified Organic?

Yes, we were one of the first supplement suppliers to become certified organic since 2006 ago so have excellent experience segregating, sourcing and manufacturing Certified Organic products. We also contract manufacture organic products which include organic multi vitamins.

7. Do you carry Non-GMO Products?

Yes, besides our certified organic products which by law must be Non-GMO, we manufacture additional Non-GMO products for our stock line and contract customers.

8. Do you sell internationally?

Yes; we have an internal document control staff dedicated to providing the necessary documentation for registration in your country.

9. What type of customers do you provide private label and contracting manufacturing services?

Our customers include major drug chains, grocery chains, health food stores, internet companies, MLM and consumer brands.

10. What are your lead times?

Lead times vary depending on formula, packaging and availability of ingredients used.

11. Do you have a graphic design and print department?

Yes, we do. We have a professional graphic design team who have years of experience creating FDA compliant labels. They can prep customer provided art, create a brand new look or design and/or handle the entire printing process to assure your labels are delivered on time for packaging. In addition, they work closely with our QA department to advise you with recommendations to better assure that your label is in compliance with current FDA label regulations.

12. Are the plastic caps on the bottles BPA (Bisphenol A) free?

Yes, they are.  All of our packaging materials are BPA/BPS free.

13. Do you carry product liability insurance?   Can I be named?

Yes, we carry product liability in adequate amounts and we provide customers with a Certificate of Insurance upon request.

14. Do you have any peanuts in your products or manufacturing?

We do not use any peanut or peanut ingredients in any of the products we manufacture.

15. Do you use any Fair Trade ingredients?

Yes.  We use Fair Trade Certified Cocoa (cocoa that also happens to be certified organic).  In order to market our product, we had to gain certification by Fair Trade, USA, as well.

16. May we visit your facilities?

Yes!  We welcome plant tours for our customers, prospective customers and trade group associations.

17. Do you make all of your own products?

We manufacture tablets, capsules and powders in our own facilities.

18. Do you guarantee your product?

We guarantee the potency and purity of what is claimed on the label is in the product by the Best By date.

19. Do your labels make any special claims?

Yes.  The majority of our products have structure/function claims on the front panel, with more detailed text (romance copy) on the side panel.  In keeping with FDA and FTC rules, our statements are supported by filed documentation and fall within the guidelines for appropriate label claims.