About us

VitaCeuticals 1925
Our parent company, Nexgen Pharma, Inc., was founded in 1925 when they launched a nutritional line of encapsulated vegetables which were produced to offer supplemental nutrition using standards that were developed for safe consumption. Family owned and managed by a highly skilled team with years of experience in nutritional and pharmaceutical manufacturing, we remain continuously dedicated to excellence.  Our manufacturing facility not only keeps up to date with FDA regulations set for dietary supplements but also leads by example by developing methods of analysis where they are unavailable or unsubstantiated. We take the extra steps often required to assure all our products truly do meet label claim. In the mid 1940s, the company began manufacturing OTC and prescription drugs.
In 1975, the Vitamer Labs division was created to focus on premium private label manufacturing for the growing natural foods market.  Our glass packaging, full disclosure labels, scientific information and educational material set us apart right from the beginning. Because of our continuous awareness and dedication to the increasing regulatory environment, we were well prepared for the stringent guidelines of DSHEA in 1994, the allergen labeling clarification, FALCPA in  2004, the Dietary Supplement and Nonprescription Drug Consumer Protection Act of 2006  (AER reporting requirements on labels), updating to cGMPs for Dietary Supplements in accordance with CFR Part 111 in 2009. During this time of stringent government regulations, we became third party certified organic by QAI (Quality Assurance International) and  each of our products is Double Verified Gluten Free, containing no more than 10 PPM gluten.
Vitaceutical Labs

VitaCeutical LabsThe VitaCeutical Labs division was founded in 1996 to serve the grocery, drug, mass, internet, MLM and specialty markets with premium and mainline dietary supplements. Our customers continue to expect clean ingredients, transparent labels with no added colors, flavors or preservatives.  We can serve your market with our stock products or help you create your appropriate formula with the experience, processes, equipment and personnel to meet your discerning needs.

Ever dedicated to verified and transparent quality, we are third party certified by the Natural Products Association and UL.

 Executive Leadership

Chris Limer, MBA, CPA
President – Dietary Supplements

With the company since 1998, Chris has held many roles, including Corporate Controller and Executive Vice President.  He is responsible for the operations, sales and marketing for all Dietary Supplements and combines his keen eye for the bottom line with his understanding of our customers’ needs.

Elliott Lalasz, MBA
Vice President, Sales, and Marketing Director

Elliott joined the company in 2010 to optimize our data analysis and provide market research. He has worked with multiple departments throughout the organization, including providing analysis of production efficiencies, labor variances, competitive prices, and market trends. In his current position as Marketing Director Elliott leads our Marketing Department with a passion for data analytics and market research. By keeping an eye on current trends and opportunities Elliott and his team create value and drive growth for our customer partners. 

Allan Wilson, MBA,
Vice President, Product Development

Allan began his career with the company in 1994.  He has worked new business ventures along with an involvement in our product lines, operations, manufacturing, and sales before creating a department focused on new product expansions as our VP of Product Development.  Allan and his team enjoy the opportunities for long term growth that come with new customers and new product concepts.