_6Why Pharmaceutical Experience is Valuable to You

Our company has owned and operated an FDA registered pharmaceutical manufacturing facility since the 1940’s. The products we manufacture range from complex prescription drugs to prescription vitamins to dietary supplements. Our pharmaceutical experience has significant benefits for our dietary supplement customers. Foremost is the fact that we apply the same high manufacturing standards to all products made in our facility. We are subject to Pharmaceutical FDA audits every year and thus have developed and perfected internal controls and quality systems that are required of manufacturers in the pharmaceutical industry. These same controls and standards are applied, without dilution, to our dietary supplements. No shortcuts. No exceptions.

Equally important is the vast knowledge we have acquired in the last 90+ years manufacturing pharmaceuticals. We have performed countless ingredient and product tests over the decades as a matter of routine that are simply too costly for most companies solely in the dietary supplement business to undertake. These tests arm us with a vast reservoir of knowledge on ingredients that we apply to your products and brand.

Contract Manufacturing

VitaCeutical Labs provides contract manufacturing solutions for companies world-wide.

  • Ingredient sourcing
  • Specialty Packaging
  • International Registration
  • Custom formulation

Our minimum batch sizes depend on ingredients, testing and stability requirements, but generally start at:

  • Tablets – 300,000
  • Hard shell capsules – 300,000
  • Soft gels – 300,000
  • Powders – 1,000 Kg

Private Label

VitaCeutical Labs is the leading store brand provider of natural supplements in the United States.  Our private label solutions are available in a wide selection of categories

  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Herbs and Botanicals
  • Nutritional Oils
  • Greens
  • Condition Specific
  • Whole Food Supplements
  • Sports Nutrition
  • NBE Products
  • Bi-lingual (Hispanic) labels

All our products are Double Verified Gluten Free to confirm finished product contains less than 10 PPM gluten which is more stringent than the industry and FDA definition at 20 PPM.  Our products contain no preservatives, artificial colors or flavors.  We use the least amount of excipients possible and select excipients free of common allergens such as gluten and soy, whenever possible.

Custom Formulations

Our team of seasoned experts in R & D, formulation, manufacturing and packaging will work with your team to build just the right product for your line.  Tablet, capsule or powder formulations, we provide the scientific research along with the most up to date quality standards. 

We always have an eye out for the latest in consumer perception and the growing demand for Organic, Gluten Free and Non-GMO products:

  • Our team includes four formulators, a registered dietitian and scientists representing many disciplines to ensure your product is on target.
  • We insist all selected ingredients and formulas are backed by sound research.
  • We will carefully select patented and trademarked ingredients from worldwide sources.
  • Our facilities are Certified Organic by QAI

Building Your Brand

We partner with customers to help build their brand position and succeed in a wide variety of distribution channels, including health food, grocery, drug, mass market, Internet and catalog by offering:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Reasonable minimums
  • On-time delivery
  • Unique packaging options
  • In-house art and print department
  • Marketing and Promotional Materials
  • Educational Information
  • Technical Support
  • Staff Trainings

Trademarked Ingredients

VitaCeutical Labs’ products feature the most recognized and scientifically proven trademarked ingredients.



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