What we believe

Mission Statement

We provide quality nutritional products and services, building our partners’ brands to create consumer loyalty and generate profit.  We foster long-term business relationships with our partners and co-workers in an environment of growth and sustainability.

Core Values

Respect for Dignity ~ Treat others courteously

Trust and Honesty ~ Do the right thing

Partner for the Common Goal ~ Work together

Live Well ~ Embrace a healthy and happy lifestyle


We take our stewardship of the planet seriously – we are committed to environmental sustainability and social responsibility.  Dedicated to supporting green initiatives, we ship our supplements in boxes that use partially-recycled materials and recyclable crushed paper as packing material.  The fully recyclable amber glass bottles are made from 35% recycled material and the white plastic caps are also fully recyclable.  Our promotional materials also utilize post consumer fibers.  All of our packaging materials are BPA/BPS free.  Our manufacturing facility makes use of natural skylights to save energy and provide a pleasant work environment, and we safely recycle all unusable computer hardware and equipment.

  • Boxes – partially-recycled materials
  • Packaging Materials – recyclable crushed paper
  • Bottles – fully recyclable amber glass bottles in our stock line are made from 35% recycled material
  • Caps – white plastic caps are fully recyclable and are BPA/BPS free
  • Manufacturing facility – natural skylights help save energy and provide a pleasant work environment
  • Computers –  proper recycling standards for all unusable computer hardware and equipment

Vitamin Angels

Each year since 2006, we participate in donating 11 million children’s multivitamins to the Vitamin Angels non-profit organization. Founded in 1994 by industry veteran Howard Schiffer, Vitamin Angels is the only non-profit organization in existence solely dedicated to providing vital nutrition to women and children in need, both international and domestic.  Through its “Operation 20/20” campaign, they plan to eradicate childhood blindness caused by Vitamin A deficiency worldwide by the year 2020.  Over 30% of the world’s population suffers from micronutrient deficiencies.  Both Vitamin Angels and VitaCeutical Labs believe every person has a right to basic nutrition.